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Moon Iron & Steel Compay SAOC (MISCO) is a 1.2 mtpa capacity steel complex producing premium Reinforcement Bars (rebars) in the 8mm to 40 mm range. Suitable for heavy-duty construction, MISCO rebars are manufactured from high-grade billets produced in-house and are certified for superior physical and chemical properties.


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Moon Iron & Steel Company is a leading manufacturer of premium steel products in Oman.

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8-40 mm Rebars

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Green Steel

MISCO is among the top energy-efficient steel plants globally. Our products undoubtedly fall in the planet-friendly 'GREEN STEEL' category. Unlike in conventional plants, our Continuous Casting Process/Induction Heating eliminates the re-heating of billets while rolling them into rebars, thereby significantly reducing carbon footprints. MISCO is one of the first among iron and steel manufacturers worldwide to adopt the technology.

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